To a new church in the neighborhood

We've all wandered off course. 

Jesus is our True North.

Jesus said, "I am the way, and the truth, and the life" (John 14:6).

"Is everything okay?"

I'm half asleep in the mornings, yet every now and then I drag myself to Planet Fitness in hopes of bettering my health. The other day, after a modest workout, I returned to my locker. And then it hit me. The key to my padlock was missing! I must've locked it INSIDE the locker!! My car keys were in there!!! I panicked, thinking through what it would take to get that locker open. The dude next to me asked, "is everything okay?" After I explained the situation to him I realized that the keys may have fallen out of my pocket during my bench press. I walked back to the workout area, and there they were, sitting on the floor. What a relief!

Have you ever experienced that helpless feeling? We often find ourselves stuck. We need others to guide us into right thinking, the type of thinking that unlocks our chains and gives us freedom. Jesus offers us the truth and freedom we're looking for. True North Church exists to discover truth and to find direction in following Jesus. We're here to be the guy who asks, "is everything okay?"

Are you curious about our church? Would you like to be a part? Express your interest here and we'll tell you more!